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What is automated investing?

A custom-made portfolio: an investment portfolio created specifically for you consisting of low-cost share, bond, and gold ETFs.

Optimised with algorithms: smart algorithms optimise your investing through automatic rebalancing so you don't need to worry about buying and selling your investments.

Performance focused: minimise risk and maximise target returns for your chosen investment strategy using Modern Portfolio Theory (a Nobel prize-winning strategy).

Access your portfolio anywhere, anytime: an online dashboard and app that lets you manage and oversee your investments.

Suits all types of investors: ability to personalise your investments as your portfolio grows.

Why automated investing?

No manual stock picking

Our investment team is constantly researching the ETF universe to determine the best low-cost ETFs available.

Zero transaction or brokerage fees

No hidden fees. Just one all-inclusive monthly cost.

Smart algorithms that save you time and money

In just minutes, our technology matches you with the right portfolio for your circumstances, and keeps it aligned with your long-term strategy.

Benefits automated investing
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Advice + automated investing = better returns

The right advice can increase performance by around 3% per year. This extra return comes from:

  1. An investment strategy designed to suit your goals, risk profile, and time frame. Studies show your mix of investments drives 90% of returns.
  2. Optimised rebalancing. This can add up to 1% in additional returns per year.
  3. Behavioural coaching. Education around investing removes costly behavioural biases.
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Access to investment experts

Experienced experts: we use technology to make investing efficient, but our team of experts are always available to guide you through your wealth journey, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor.

Always accessible: our advisors are based in Sydney, Australia, and are available via live chat, phone and email.

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Why choose Stockspot?

*for investments up to $10,000 or until they turn 18

One all-inclusive fee

Compare our annual fees to the cost of a typical advised managed fund – 4% per year.

For account balances: $10,000 or less
per month
Plus get your first 6 months free*
For account balances: $10,000+
per year
For account balances: $50,000+
per year
For account balances: $200,000+
per year
Explore Platinum tier benefits
For account balances: $2,000,000+
per year
Explore Diamond tier benefits
Zero brokerage fees
Zero withdrawal fees
Zero transaction fees

Our portfolios

The strategies below provide different mixes of growth and defensive assets, depending on your financial goals and risk appetite. We also offer the same strategies within our Sustainable Portfolios which focus on ethical investments.

5th fintech awards 2020

Winner, Best FinTech Wealth Management Platform, 2020

Winner, Excellence in Wealth Management, 2021

Finalist, Best Investment Innovation, 2020

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